Slack meet Loom: The story of how work communication is going beyond plain text

“It’s an integration. Easy stuff. Knock it out and on to the next!”

Thanks to amazing products like Slack, Zapier, and Segment the general market has evolved to not only requests integrations, but demand those integrations as a critical component to successful products. Early stage companies are not given a pass here.

Here at Loom, we dipped our toes into the integrations pool when we launched the Loom GMail Integration in Jan of 2017. With the success of that integration, we went waist deep with Workflow by Loom approximately one year ago.

With some technical wizardry from our Engineering team, we leveraged the flexibility of the Chrome extension to make your Loom video library one click away and expanded Loom links to play inline in your favorite platforms her response like Trello, Intercom, GitHub, and Invision.

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